About me - A small introduction

Posted on Oct 13, 2021

University education

Everything written here is also on my linkedin profile, in a much more visual way…

I began my higher education at the university of Bordeaux with what we call in France a ‘Technological University Diploma’. It’s a two-year program of condensed maths and computer science where I grasped every aspect of computer science, from assembly to web dev through C++ and Ocaml with a sprinkle of networking and project management. It is a very renown cursus in France for it’s quality and at this point you’re supposed to be employable.

During my second year I had the chance of participating in a sandwich course with the GFI company (now named Inetum). There I worked in a 15-people team on a huge Java Spring codebase, the clients were University Hospitals everywhere in France. The app we maintained was used to optimize the processes and finances of clinical researches.

I continued my studies with a professional bachelor nicknamed DAWIN (Web Applications Development and Technological Innovation). This year was a sandwich course too but this time I worked for a young startup called DynamicScreen as a fullstack developer. DynamicScreen propose a solution to manage fleets of screens displaying information (digital signage).

I am now in a school called Digital Campus in Bordeaux to obtain a master degree, my formation is nicknamed “Tech Lead”. Again this formation in an apprenticeship, I’m working this year for a web, print and communication company called AWAM in downtown Bordeaux. I work there as a full-stack web developer with a small team of 5 very talented colleagues.

I’m a chill yet determined guy. I strive to become a versatile Web Developer to fulfill the projects entrusted to me.

I put online this blog to share to the world my meager knowledge in the form of articles about diverse development subjects, also to work as a memory of what I used to do.

My personality

Everything about my personality can be found following this link : Link to 16 personalities

TLDR : I’m a ISFJ-T a turbulent defender, a sentinel and my strategy in life should be constant improvement (which means basically nothing without explanations => no TLDR, go read the link).

My interests

Typing practice

In the beginning of 2020 I launched myself on a journey to learn touchtyping (typing fast without looking at the keyboard). I spent most of my time practicing on typing club and more recently on keybr, monkeytype and typing.com

Competitive programming

Early 2021 I started working on my problem solving skills. You can check my progress on Project Euler by adding me as a friend (my friend key : 1770528_pUsdY92K6YVHcr61vRigJbRZVeaJWe5e) and codeWars

Game development

Early 2021 I also began to learn to use Godot in order to put down some of my ideas and develop my creativity.


I used to play a lot of video games, not so much these days. I am very fond of independant games made by independant studios. I play on Steam, BattleNet and Nintendo Switch.

What I read & what I watch

I’m not very fond of talking about what I read and watch as I hate being part of fandoms that do more harm to the work of the author. I also often come up with my own opinions which are not very popular, so I lose credibility very fast haha.

I keep track of the animes and mangas I watch with MyAnimeList (it’s mostly up-to-date). You can check out what I watched here and what I read here.

I also watch a lot of series and movies, my favorite genres are SF and Psychological horror. I love to occasionally read self-improvement books even if it’s hard to find the good ones.


My favorite sport by far is Badminton, I’m not very competitive overall, but I consider that I have pretty decent skills as I began practicing when I was around 12 years old.

I’m in a constant quest to improve my cardio, so I began practicing long distance running at the end of 2020. update : my knees and feet said fu yu, so I’m now switching to jumping rope. update 2 : even worse idea, I developed what we call in France the ice wiper syndrome, and now I can only run very small distances before having unbearable pain