2021 Objectives

Posted on Feb 14, 2021

This small post will sum up some of my objectives for 2021, we’ll see if all of them are completed next year for the 2022 objectives list !

First, I have to keep in mind that 2021 will be another rough year, with the pandemic still lurking behind our backs, I consider myself on the good side of the pandemic, but the social impact is still pretty hard.

“2021”, It feels like we’re in the future, let’s act like it.

I want / need to further sharpen my skills if I want to achieve peace of mind and efficiency in my work. To do so, I’m going to :

  • At least solve the first 100 problems of the Euler project.
  • Reach a comfortable typing speed of 80 WPM (I’m at around 60 ATM, up from 35 when I started)
  • Begin heavily testing the code I produce.
  • Begin heavy usage of design patterns and gain expertise in my favorite frameworks.

I feel like the current company I work with is giving me the opportunity to achieve exactly all this.

In my hobbies I want to produce at least 1 game a month with the Godot engine, I don’t really care if the product isn’t polished, I just want to practice game making skills as I consider it the ultimate form of development, the hardest and most complete.

As a sport objective I hope to be capable of running 10 km under 50 min (this one is ambitious I’m still only capable of around 8,5 km an hour, cardio training is hard)

A good objective that I give myself every year is to read at least 5 books.

These objectives are not exactly for 2021, heck I even released this post in middle february… I began before the new year and plan on continuing if I don’t complete them, they are long termed objectives without formal start nor formal end. I have for philosophy that if I can’t start and keep at it on a “normal” day, they won’t hold very well with time.