2022 Objectives

Posted on Jan 3, 2022

First and foremost, happy new year!

I did a similar post last year mid february, now is the time to see what was done and what went wrong.

First, I have to keep in mind that 2022 will be another rough year, with the pandemic still lurking behind our backs, I consider myself on the good side of the pandemic, but the social impact is still pretty hard.

Capitalization on 2021

The first global objective I mentioned is to sharpen my skills to move faster and more efficiently.

Concretely speaking out of the real objectives I had to achieve here is what I did:

  • At least solve the first 100 problems of the Euler project.

    • only reached the 32nd problem (the difficulty ramp up really fast and require additionnal knowledge or advanced logic skills to go really beyond in a reasonable amount of time, for me at least).
  • Reach a comfortable typing speed of 80 WPM (I’m at around 60 ATM, up from 35 when I started)

    • This one I’m fairly close to, the good days the goal is achieved, but I’m closer to 70 than 80 most of the time, not trying too hard and comfortable, I still practice every day.
  • Begin heavily testing the code I produce.

    • This one is half done, I worked on a project where I had the chance to do so, but most of the time the project didn’t need it or not enough time was allocated to do so (particularly for small maintaining missions).
  • Begin heavy usage of design patterns and gain expertise in my favorite frameworks.

    • This one too is half done, I gained precious knowledge in design patterns, learning mainly the strategy and decorator. I didn’t find any usecases for them at the moment but I’m sure I’ll find one in the future.

I still feel like the current company I work with is giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals and dreams.

  • The company is still in its infancy in terms of procedures and processes to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity.
  • The main talk now is about CI/CD, scaling and automation. (Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher, etc.) I will probably do a blog post about this in the near future.
  • Testing will come in later…

On the hobby side here is what I achieved:

  • In my hobbies I want to produce at least 1 game a month with the Godot engine,
    • This one is completely out, I completed nicely the tutorial, but I face a wall of unmotivation to continue.
      • I stopped Godot early on and reworked on an old C++ project I had done a while ago, this one is not finished as well.

On the sport side here is what I achieved: As a sport objective I hope to be capable of running 10 km under 50 minutes -> This one is completely out too, but for a good reason, I went in too hard and hurt my knee. Now I’m trying to reach a competitive level in badminton, it brings me a lot more joy than simply running alone.

A good objective that I give myself every year is to read at least 5 books. - This one is done I believe, I read a lot of books, of different sizes and genre: here is a non-exhaustive list: - Game of Thrones integral 2nd edition - Game of Thrones integral 3rd edition - Game of Thrones integral 4th edition well under way - Many mangas from Junji Ito, japanese author of psychological horror series - Many more that I don’t remember - mostly online scans though

What now ?

I understand that I put my expectation too high, I feel like I gave myself a lot of things to do that where too soon in my path to achieve optimal results. Also, I gave myself a lot of things to do that are really not useful in my everyday life, which make them hobbies and hobbies should be enjoyed, so I prioritized or left them out completely if they weren’t enjoyable, a good example for this is the game making.

With that amount of work I also felt a bit overwhelmed, I was not able to keep up with the work I had to do because I’m still a student, and I have things to do to complet my studies. Most of the time I just oblige myself to do things and stress myself to do things, but it just burns me out, I feel like I should go at my own pace.

For the 2022 objectives here is what I want to achieve:

Programmation wise:

  • Redact a blog post twice a month, not every week, that’s far too much work for me.
  • Reach a comfortable typing speed of 80 WPM (I’m at around 70 ATM, up from 35 when I started)
  • Reach a 1000 points on codewars (I’m at around 300 ATM)

The euler project isn’t totally out, i’ll do it when I feel like it. I’d like to learn more about the phoenix framework, I’m not sure if it’s worth the time, but I’m sure it will be useful.

Hobby wise:

  • Read at least 5 books
  • Finish the remake of the game I made a while ago

Sports wise:

  • Reach a departemental level in badminton

Running is completely out for the time being.

Last year (2021) I began NFT ventures in Axie Infinity, it takes some time to care about, it’s also one of the reason why I dropped some of the objectives, this venture is worth money and it’s very satisfying to care about. I’ll surely do a blog post about it in the near future. Last year (2021) I also began a keto regime in order to improve my health and performances, I’m about 5 months into it and overall I feel really good.